Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back and still trying to catch up

This weekend, I went to Emerald Isle with a friend and her three kids. Together we had 4 kids and a dog to care for, Aimee 8 yrs old, her 8yr old son, her 6 yr old son and her 4 yr old daughter. I have not had a house full of kids like that in a few years it was fun and I enjoyed the interaction of the kids.. She kept apologizing for her kids but she forgets I have two that are older and have been through these stages and now working on my last one....
So with all the activities, the laughter, tears, smiles, hugs and then the sound of sleeping children after a busy day, I come back to my Creative Bloggers group to see whose turn it is for me to share something about.
This week it is Carol over at Shwanda.
Well Carol creates seaweed art...Well sorry Carol I never made it that far I got caught up in reading about her family, taking her survey on blended families (I have one), and doing the whole, "Hey I know that one!" and WOW! wish I had thought of that in many of her posts.
Our weekend with the kids was similar to having a blended family for only a weekend...though....It did make me homesick for my other children.
Then reading Carol's blog and her stories reminds me of a few things:

1. I need to share our story
2. I Love my blended family
3. I am blessed my family blended so nicely
4. The blending never stops
5. I would never change any of it

If you have a blended Family or know of someone who does send them to Carols blog Shwanda and check out some of her posts.
These will make you feel right at home. I can not relate to all that Carol went through but many of her feelings with her blended family, I do know and can relate to.
This is a challenge for many growing and changing families and the support is needed to help with these transitions. If we can not do it for ourselves then we need to do it for the kids.

This was our first Christmas together.
Our Blended family lives as one big happy functionally dysfunctional family!

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