Thursday, August 20, 2009

Recycled and Updated Bed

This is suppose to be a crafting blog so today I am going to post some of my projects.
Today is my recycled and updated bed that I painted for my Daughter.
This Bed frame was going in the trash..until I got the bright Idea that I needed a bed for my growing Daughter.
So Hubby sanded it down and I painted it. Wish I had before...but all I have is after pics.
This was a dark brown stained bed.
Now is it fit for a princess.

The head board.
You can see we painted the base boards the same purple as the bed.

The Foot Board.
We also placed corner peices in the base boards and painted them pink.
You can barely see it in the back ground.

Hubby placing the Fleece blanket I made for her bed on the bed to surprise her.
We even painted the rails to match and then the trim around the window and doors are white.
We had new carpet placed and it has a purple tint that goes with the light heather color of the walls.
We had fun doing this project. I still have a dresser that I want to re do to match but not that she is getting bigger I am holding off..The pre-teens are starting early.
Not sure where my baby went.
They grow up so fast.
I hope you enjoy,

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